The new Stihl MS 462 Chainsaw

The new Stihl MS 462 Chainsaw

Premier Outdoor Power Equipment will be stocking the Pre-Launch Edition of the all new Stihl MS 462. These exclusively marked models will be in store soon.

The release date for the general model is due in October. This model has been tested in forest environments around the world. The STIHL MS 462’s many assets make it the ideal tool for all forestry work. Stihl believes the results simply speak for themselves.

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It is lightweight and flexible weighing in at just 6 kg, with a new, lighter flywheel that has a smaller diameter, the MS 462 is a felling saw and pruning saw rolled into one. Reduced gyroscopic force means optimal handling and energy-efficient work.

Fast and spontaneous performance thanks to M-Tronic, the MS 462 has the best possible acceleration, even from a cold start. You can always start up right away with optimal performance, all while concentrating fully on your work.

The new HD2 air filter with radial seal has an even longer service life and an improved fine dust filtering effect. This extends the service life of the engine’s all-round protection and reduces wear and tear. This results in a chainsaw that is dust-free and easy to maintain.