MS 193 T Aborist Chainsaw

MS 193 T Aborist Chainsaw

The 193 T is a light, compact professional saw designed for tree maintenance. The picco chain offers superb cutting characteristics and outstanding cutting performance. Optimum ergonomics and handling make this saw both light and superbly balanced for use in an aerial environment.

Key Features

  • 30.1 cc 2-MIX 2 stroke engine
  • 1.3 kw / 1.8 bhp power output
  • Light weight, only 3.3 kg
  • 30cm / 12″ inch bar
  • 3/8 .043 Picco Micro Mini Semi Chisel Chain
  • Stihl¬†Ematic chain lubrication system
  • Stihl anti-vibration system


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