MS 241 C-M Chainsaw

MS 241 C-M Chainsaw

The Stihl MS 241 C-M is a rugged all-round professional chainsaw featuring Stihl’s M-Tronic engine management system. Fuel metering is controlled electronically and automatically adjusts to environmental conditions, fuel grade, altitude and temperature to deliver optimal engine performance. The Stihl MS 241 features an easy to clean HD2 filter, anti-vibration system, chain tensioner, ‘patented’ captive nuts on the chain sprocket cover, easy access quick-lock bayonet fittings on one-piece shroud and memory function.

Key Features

  • 42.6.2 cc 2-MIX 2 stroke engine
  • 2.3 kw / 3.1 bhp power output
  • M-Tronic engine management system
  • Light weight, only 4.5 kg
  • 40cm / 16″ inch bar
  • 3/8 .050 Picco Super – Full Chisel Chain
  • Stihl¬†Ematic chain lubrication system
  • Stihl anti-vibration system


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